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Educational Harbor
Hurricane Relief
Organized by Juliana Donnelly

This Relief Fund is to assist the families that have been hit the hardest and that are expected to receive little to no help to rebuild their lives and their homes due to either no insurance or other unfortunate circumstances. Sadly most of these are elderly, or low income communities with homes that are now uninhabitable from the flood damage caused by Hurricane Ian, leaving so many now homeless. 

This fund will ensure we have the structure in place to provide our volunteers with whatever is necessary to help these families with immediate needs. Either from being displaced from their homes that have been destroyed, or because they have remained in their homes and are living in unsafe conditions. Having the tools and supplies needed to ensure residents have at least proper shelter, and basic necessities such as tarps, air mattresses, blankets, sheets, pillows, personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, fresh water, and other basic household essentials. The ability to rent trucks for donations and supplies, hire companies to provide cleanup, tear outs, new drywall, and hire mold remediation so that the families' homes are at least free from the mold while they are forced to stay until they find permanent solutions.

Nuestra visión es brindar educación cristiana de calidad que sea individualizada, basada en la investigación y apoyada por la comunidad.

Nuestra misión es educar a los estudiantes para que se conviertan en adultos cristianos responsables a través de clases pequeñas, aprendizaje práctico, evaluaciones tradicionales y alternativas, y mediante el uso de una combinación de un plan de estudios cristiano tradicional e innovador que favorezca las habilidades académicas del estudiante en combinación con las del maestro. e intereses del estudiante.

Nuestros cinco principios

Estamos en

Bautista de Palm View

415 49th St East en Palmetto, Florida.

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