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Enrichments during the day

Our enrichment program is unique! In high school, teachers take surveys of student interests. We combine that with teacher skills / passions and create enrichments for our students. Some high school enrichments we've had in the past include guitar/music theory, debate, geography, foreign language explorations, theater, digital art, and more. We also have high schoolers take physical education, personal finance, and personal relationships as part of their high school graduation requirements. 

Our K-8 program is working to implement a similar program for the 24-25 school year. 

Enrichments after school

We have a number of unique enrichments afterschool where kids in multiple grade levels and classes can attend. These change yearly based on student interest and teacher passion as well. These enrichments are for an additional fee as they take place from 2:45-3:30. Some of these include or have included in the past: 

- Archery

- Boys' club 

- Worship band

- VEX competitive robotics 

- Painting

- Costume design

- Cooking / Baking

Leadership Development on Fridays

Our Fridays are unlike anything you've seen before! Instead of traditional direct instruction, we allow students to participate in a variety of activities to practice soft skills, executive function, and leadership skills. Our high schoolers are encouraged to design and implement activities for younger students (such as dance or Bible stories and crafts) as well as listen to motivational speakers, and participate in chosen activities. 

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